Before   After
This special piece is still the talk of Lily's. It once belonged to a certain Hollywood director, and many years later it came to us in need of a makeover. Re-upholstered and restored, the "Hollywood sofa" left our workroom ready for its close-up.
Affectionately known as the "cowboy sofa" because of its cowboy boot-shaped legs and feet. Each piece ambled into our shop in bad shape and moseyed out with fine paisley fabric and a new attitude.
Underneath the drab fabric of this sofa lay a hidden treasure. With freshly reupholstered cushions and Italian silk in an eye-catching floral pattern, our workers here at Lily's brought this sofa into a new era of style.
When we first saw this red velvet couch from about the 1920s to the 1940s, we nearly fainted! With eight-way hand-tied springs and a rounded seat, our workers drew on years of experience with Old World techniques to restore it to its former glory.
Our best guess is that this loveseat was built in the 1930s or 40s. With re-tied springs and soft black upholstery, this modern treasure goes with any decor and is ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.